The adoption of the Lean Thinking principles through the Kaizen methodology.

Sitecal has been invited to the event organized by Unisef as a company model. The experience of the lean production has known how to express all its potential in a reality which is growing strong.

The appointment has been an extraordinary occasion to show, with concrete examples, how the principles of the lean production are applicable in all the phases of process in a productive reality as ours.

In particular the importance of the “pull” methodology has been highlighted, in which only the real request of the market and the importance of the supervision systems are produced, introduced in a perspective of one piece flow visualization.

These methods allow to minimize the time that passes between the received order and the delivery, still keeping the productive system lean and efficient.

In these years, the constant application of the Kaizen methodology (oriented to the constant improvement of all the company processes) has allowed us to observe a steady growth trend of all the performance and qualitative indicators, thanks to the acquired flexibility of the process and of the people involved constantly in the lean manufacturing project too.

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