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Security protectors for automatic machines

In we develop and produce security protectors made of aluminum and stainless steel, in order to satisfy the demands and needs of the automatic machines and utensils builders.
Our products realized with MILPASS pieces allow us to develop innovative and high-quality structures of design.

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Services and consultation for the certification

Saycos is a new company specializing in providing technical advice for making the machinery legitimate.
Our goal is to provide advice to companies that build or use industrial machines.

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Security is productive

Our customers are companies that make use or produce systems or automatic machines.
What we do for them is:

  • Providing consultation about the machine condition regarding to the legislative requirements of security and advising necessary or possible interventions.
  • Projecting personalized security systems, compliant with the technical regulations and with high aesthetic impact.
  • Realizing and installing protections following an industrial method that allows the standardization of processes on costumed products, guaranteeing repeatability and control of times.
  • Certifying security systems supplying technical dossier, manuals and documents provided from the machines guideline.

We work to build relationships of high added value with our customers thanks to a method able to optimize time and guarantee the constant respect of security standards requested by each company and the regulation in effect.

We project and realize protections that are ergonomic and can be used by the operators, but also aesthetically pleasing and innovative in order to give an added value to the machine.




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