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Consultation, certifications and technical documentation.

Saycos is a new company specializing in providing technical advice for making the machinery legitimate.
Our goal is to provide advice to companies that build or use industrial machines.

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In particular, we are able to help our customers in the following macro-activities:

  • The making of the technical documentation compulsory with a system or equipment that is new, in use or subjected to functional modifications: risks evaluation, identification of considerable components for the security and definition of the periodic program of verification, release of pertinent certified model;
  • The planning and realization of interventions of adjustment and the securing of machines and systems according to what provided by the Working Right n 81/2008;
  • Si.Tec.Al offers the possibility to implement and optimize the machine management through the utilization of specific softwares;
  • Endeavor for matriculation, entirely on the portal web;
  • Contains in memory the mission-time of the considerable components for the security and their periodicities of verification;
  • The guide model through a system of messages by email managed by people appointed of the surveillance and the supervision of the machines (according to the article 71)
  • The system leaves indelible trace of all the supervision activities and all the fulfilled inspections;
  • Allows to implement a model of organization and management inside the company according to the Working Right n 81/2008-Art.30


  • Risks evaluation
  • Technical files
  • Instruction manuals
  • CE marking
  • Declaration of compliance