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Mad for security


SiTecAl is a company skilled in providing security systems for automatic machines.

We are a working group which has evolved in 10 years, believing in the formation of people in different fields of security and offering solutions that combine services quality with the innovation of the utilized products.

For us, “security” is a world that starts from the planning and finishes with the certification.

Our aim is supplying a complete service, personalized and punctual, in order to give customers the calmness for concentrating on their business.

To do that, we apply our method of “continuous consultation” that guarantees reliability and constant presence.

We provide an exclusive service of “risk evaluation” on the machines that are “dressed” with our protections.

Riccardo Gasparini
CEO – General Manager

We want to be your representative partner on the subject of systems and machines.

To keep this promise we make daily investments:

  • in technical and professional qualities of people;
  • in technological development in every productive phase;
  • in the professionalism of technical assistance services, certification and risk evaluation;
  • in the business organization applying the “lean production” in the processes and operative procedures.

Our vision

Being the only one expert and reliable partner in all the activities associated to the security of the systems and machines.

Our mission

Helping builders and users of machines to realize security systems that are personalized and certified, through our method of continuous consultation.

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