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Ladders and runways

We project and realize ladders and runways that guarantee the access to the machinery and to the productive systems located in the industrial establishments.

The experience reached during the years led us to achieve a product able to adapt to the most various arrangements of utilization and installation.
Our products are used in the industrial field to satisfy different needs:

  • Access to the machinery or to the systems for productive reason and/or of maintenance;
  • Creation of facilitated paths for productive reasons;
  • Creation of safe paths for arriving to a certain emplacement;
  • Creation of observation zones from up above for the supervision and observation of the systems.

The utilization of the aluminum has numerous advantages, compared to the traditional structure made of iron, guaranteeing: flexibility, aesthetic care, ease of assembly, complete absence of cuts or weld joints in the place of installation and absence of final painting of the product.

Application fields:

  • Utensil machines
  • Industrial systems