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Security protections

We project and realize protections that are ergonomic and can be used by the operators, but also aesthetically pleasing and innovative in order to give an added value to the machine.

Protections made of aluminum and stainless steel build for satisfy the needs of our customers that work in the most various commodity-related fields.


The activity of planning and development of our solutions starts from the technical commercial consultation and continues with the planning of the different phases.

Thanks to the utilization of specific softwares we can define Ina very short period of time a complete project. In this phase, we put a lot of attention on the functionality and design of our solutions, value that is always very much appreciated by our customers.

The flow of the orders inside the productive process is tracked through a model of management that allows to track the state of progress of each order. Through this process it is possible to observe the different phases of mechanical making in real-time, from the cut (of the profiles, bump sheets, web), to the puncture, the shaping and the folding of the sheets.

After having done all the mechanical makings, we move toward the assembling and packaging phase of our products.

The dynamism of the marketplace regarding to the research of the functional design of the machines led us to specialize ourselves into the realization of structures with calandered profiles.

Moreover, it is important to add our constant attention to the improvement of productive cycles with the aim of optimize the lead time of our products.